Mesh Apartments


Situated in the diverse suburb of Brunswick, Mesh consists of 24 designer dwellings with two dedicated lobbies, ventilated exterior facades, vertical and rooftop gardens and holistic design throughout.

The Project

The apartment site is located within a diverse mix of industrial buildings and new developments of varying uses, architectural styles, height, scale, form and materiality. The apartment building has an openable perforated metal skin with the base level predominantly glass for retail and entry uses. The building facade on the south opens itself towards a proposed plaza using steel framing with wired glass pattern - evoking the industrial existing steel framing of the context.

Kithcen & Dining

By extending the bike path into the building, a relationship between the inside and outside is established. The pattern has been extended through the interiors and the public realm creating a flow between outside and inside. The void includes a vertical garden which throws off natural light and aids ventilation.

Bathroom Schemes